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Tell us about your service in 2021.
What information should I include? 
  • ​The name of your organization (if applicable), the date(s) of your work, the number of hours / or value of donation, and a brief description of your work. 

When do I report my service?
  • Please report your service as soon as you can. You may submit your service that you completed in 2021 anytime in the year, however.

What types of service are accepted? 
  • People give back to their community in lots of different ways! Please share the number of hours you volunteered, or the value of your donation. For example: 1 hour cleaning a park's creek bed, 10 hours tutoring math, $50 groceries donated, 4 winter jackets collected.​

How do you use this information? 
  • Your name and any contact information will always remain confidential. The number of hours volunteered or value of the donation may be compiled to help Waterloo apply for grants or other resources. 

Thanks for submitting!

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